Code Liberation Code of Conduct

This set of rules applies to online AND offline interactions within the Code Liberation community. By participating in the community, you automatically agree to follow them. Please review the following information in its entirely.

Quick Version

The Code Liberation Foundation is a safe space that every participant can express themselves in without fear of judgement or harassment. Please respect Slack community participants and event attendees’ wishes to not be screencaptured or photographed, gender pronouns, space, and right to engage or disengage in conversation. Anyone one engaging in disrespectful or harassing activities online or in person will be removed from the Slack community and/or thrown out of events without receiving a refund.

The LONGER VERSION (to which ALL participants and attendees will beholden to)

Anti-harassment Policy

The Code Liberation Foundation is a safe space where you can express yourself without fear of judgment or harassment. All participants in the Slack community as well as those who attend events are expected to treat other participants, visitors, staff, and the general public with respect. Under the umbrella of respect, we expect all participants be mindful of their speech and behaviors both in person as well as online via the Slack community and social media. Particularly, we want to remind participants and visitors to refrain from making assumptions about another’s identity, experience, and preferred pronouns.

No form of harassment or assault will be tolerated. This includes: physical, written, or verbal threats; unwelcome attention; stalking; pushing, shoving, or use of physical force; behavior that creates a disturbance or is dangerous, including lewd or generally offensive behavior or language; using sexually explicit or offensive language or conduct; excessive profanity; obscene gestures; use of racial, religious, sexual, gender, ability, or ethnic slurs.

Those who violate this policy will either be ejected from the Slack community and/or event without refund. Depending on the severity of the violation, we may choose to report transgressors to the authorities.

Code of Conduct

Be respectful to others. If a person tells you “no,” your business with them is done. Do not photograph or screencapture anyone without consent.


Reporting Harassment or Conduct Violations

We cannot address what we are not aware of. If you feel unsafe or uncomfortable, please talk with an organizer or volunteer. If you see someone being treated with disrespect, please speak up either yourself or by getting an organizer/volunteer involved.

When reporting a violation, we request that you share whatever details can be provided. This includes information such as names, badge numbers, usernames, or other descriptors. With your help, we can make sure everyone involved is being treated with respect.

We’ll treat reports as anonymous submissions upon request, and do our best to work with everyone in private to resolve the conflict.

Concerns can be privately and anonymously submitted via this form.

Personal Responsibility

Code Liberation is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged property, or for injuries sustained during the course of events.

Final Note

Have fun, but also remember to be safe and respectful. ♥️