Embodied Play Series

Are you a woman who is interested in making games that go beyond mouse-and-keyboard controls? If so, Code Liberation invites you to participate in our intermediate level Embodied Play class, where you’ll learn how to make games that incorporate the whole body. Potential topics include the new and old Kinect, OSC, Arduino/physical computing, and more. In addition to teaching technical skills, the class will also explore the history of embodied games, usability strategies for embodied gameplay, as well as the political and artistic implications of physical play in public.

The class will be taught in openFrameworks, and attendees will leave with a functional prototype.

Dates: June 12th – July 30

Prerequesites: You’ve taken 1 or 2 of our classes. You understand what a function is. Photoshop (or any other basic design tools) encouraged.

Code Liberation events are trans-inclusive and women-only.

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