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A Maze

Thursday, April 27 • 14:40 - 17:40

Haubentaucher – Big Heaven Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin

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A short and fun workshop by Code Liberation for women, non-binary and femme identifying people. In this workshop you will be introduced to p5.js to start creating games and interactive art on the web. We will explain the basic elements needed for a program, create a simple game together and give you information how to learn further. No prior knowledge needed about programming to join this workshop. 

This workshop is supported by the Processing Foundation.

Requirements: None, all welcome

Tools participants should bring: Laptop computer with Processing (https://processing.org/download/) and p5.js Complete Library (https://p5js.org/download/) installed.

Instructor: Saskia Freeke



Saskia Freeke

Code Liberation Educational Director

Acting as our new Education Director, Saskia will be helping us shape our curriculum.


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About Saskia:

“Artist, Creative Coder, Interaction and Visual Designer from Amsterdam, currently in London. I make something visual everyday, like patterns and animations created with code.

At the moment I doing my masters in Computational Arts at Goldsmiths, University of London. I’m interested in creating spatial art with the use of technology, sculptures/paintings created with machines like lasercutters. My research focuses of Playfulness and creating Playful Interactive Toys/Installations.”


Adina Shanholtz

Adina Shanholtz (aka the Fey Technologist) is currently a Technical Evangelist for Microsoft. She graduated last year from Oberlin College with a double major in Computer Science and East Asian Studies. She has a passion for Game Development, Internet of Things/Wearable technology, and empowering others through programming. In her spare time Adina likes to knit, practice her Japanese, and perform hoop and poi circus arts.

Katalina Park

An advocate for games and emotional well-being, Katalina Park is interested in intersecting the two fields by making virtual video games for pediatric cancer patients. Though she is interested in all aspects of game development, she is particularly fond of 3D modeling and design.

She is currently pursuing her Masters degree in Games for Learning at NYU Steinhardt, and has a Bachelor’s from NYU’s Integrated Digital Media Program. She is also interning with NYU Langone’s Radiology department working with the Hololens. She passes her other free time getting crushed in League of Legends or watching West World!


Amy Cartwright

Amy Cartwright is a trained dancer, choreographer and performer. She holds a BA in Dance Studies from the University of Roehampton and is currently doing an MA in Computational Art at Goldsmiths University of London. She is interested in digital dance and creating live performance with computational elements. Questioning the inherent humanity that is heavily involved in dance performance she hopes to continue her research in dance performance and artificial intelligence.

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In 2017, Code Liberation UK will be collaborating again with the V&A and The Processing Foundation on a 7 part series about making games an interactive art online.

The projects which come out of this workshop series will be exhibited as part of London Design Week at the V&A along with selected works created by Code Liberation members.

Applications are opening in the next week or so - watch this space for more!


Processing Foundation Collaboration


Code Liberation is partnering with the Processing Foundation to develop a new set of in person learning materials for P5.js designed by Saskia Freeke.

These materials are being developed in workshops at Games Festivals in Europe. Last month, our first workshop in this series was held at Now Play This at Somerset House. Our next workshop in this series will be at A Maze.

We will release these materials this year and make them available for all educators to use in classrooms. They will include slides, teaching image resources and code.

Saskia teaching at Now Play This

V&A, Code Liberation UK, Goldsmiths and Machines Room Collaboration 

Our London Chapter did a couple of really great things last year but the best of which was a 7 part series in collaboration with the V&A, Goldsmiths and Machines Room.

Code Liberation at Parallel Worlds from Goldsmiths, University of London on Vimeo.